PD Consulting and Security is a niche IT consultancy located in Australia. All our staff and associates have a minimum of fifteen years experience working in their chosen fields:

  • Microsoft Infrastructure:
    • Directory Services and Security (including Active Directory, Authentication, Authorization and Auditing);
    • Messaging and Collaboration (including Exchange Server, Office Communications Server / Lync Server and Office 365);
    • High Availability (including Host Clustering, Load Balancing)
    • Virtualisation (including Hyper-V for servers, MED-V and Virtual PC for clients)
  • Custom .NET Development:
    • Open Sourced projects (for example, Hyper-V Reporter on Codeplex);
    • Closed source projects for customers.

We also partner with selected and vetted organisations to deliver the services our customers require. We only partner with organisations with whom we have established long-lived and productive relationships, and where we have obtained personal knowledge of their staff and experience from past working relationships.

Recent Activity

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