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Rescan all disks in a cluster 

Posted by DavidR 27 Oct 2014 Categories: Clustering PowerShell
If you're adding storage to an existing cluster, you've probably found yourself logging onto each node and running diskpart to rescan volumes. You may even have had a dozen RDP sessions open, one per node, in which you can just hit Up Arrow to run... read more

Exporting/Importing all Scheduled Tasks with PowerShell 

Posted by DavidR 20 Mar 2014 Categories: PowerShell Windows 2008 Windows 7 Windows Server 2012

Scheduled Tasks in Windows lets you export or import one task at a time. Which is a pain if you have to import the 30 or so default Windows tasks because your Task Scheduler is somehow corrupt.

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Win2012 - Storage Spaces: Rebuild == Gone? 

28 Jan 2013 Categories: Windows Server 2012

No - but it sure looks like it, so don't panic.

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Why are AV Receivers so Dumb? 

26 Jan 2013 Categories: Corporate Stupidity

AV Receivers are stuck in the late 90's. We've had Windows 7 and 8, Gnome 3, OSX - and yet AV receivers are STILL using crappy UIs and limit functionality in arbitrary ways.

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Windows 2012 - Unidentified Network at Boot 

11 Jan 2013 Categories: Windows Server 2012
This is a quick and easy fix. If, like many admins, you configure your server with a redundant network connection (colloquially a "team"); and if you have configured even servers to have a firewall (even if only for the Public zone); and if you... read more

SCVMM - Add Update Server error 24057 

05 Jan 2013 Categories: SCVMM
I figured I should try to get the upgrade from SCVMM 2012 SP1 Beta to SP1 release completed over the holidays. Part of the update required a rebuild of the database (and thus reassociating all agents, recreating fabrics etc). When it came time to... read more

IIS7 and IIS8 - Pretty Directory Listings 

16 Oct 2012 Categories: IIS
I had a need to put together a directory browser, and IIS7 and 8 provide the old standard looking listing (I think it's been the same since IIS 3 on NT). I looked around and found Mike Volodarsky had written an HTTP module for ASP.Net to do... read more

TMG Authentication Delegation - Which do I choose? 

06 Jul 2012 Categories: Forefront TMG ISA Server Security

For the last few weeks I've been chasing a performance problem with web publishing on Forefront TMG. The cause was most surprising.

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CRLs and AIAs - The Paths to Enlightenment 

29 May 2012 Categories: CA PKI Windows 2008

So what exactly do all those CA path variables mean, anyway?

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Solaris Express - Static IPs the Right Way 

19 Jul 2011 Categories: Solaris Express

The modern way to configure Solaris IP addresses with NWAM - NetWork AutoMagic.

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