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Custom Protocol Handler 

Posted by DavidR 06 Jun 2015
Have you ever wanted to define a link on a webpage to open a specific, different browser? Perhaps you have a corporate application that only supports Firefox (or Chrome) but your main application set works only in IE. Well, in Windows at least, you ... read more

Fractal Define R5 - Compensated Review 

Posted by DavidR 03 Jan 2015
Well, it’s the New Year. Seemingly endless feasting on mince tarts, ham, chicken and plum pudding is done and dusted, and the Christmas cake is disappearing like the relatives when you ask them to help clean up, so it’s time to address... read more

Rescan all disks in a cluster 

Posted by DavidR 27 Oct 2014 Categories: Clustering PowerShell
If you're adding storage to an existing cluster, you've probably found yourself logging onto each node and running diskpart to rescan volumes. You may even have had a dozen RDP sessions open, one per node, in which you can just hit Up Arrow to run... read more

Exporting/Importing all Scheduled Tasks with PowerShell 

Posted by DavidR 20 Mar 2014 Categories: PowerShell Windows 2008 Windows 7 Windows Server 2012

Scheduled Tasks in Windows lets you export or import one task at a time. Which is a pain if you have to import the 30 or so default Windows tasks because your Task Scheduler is somehow corrupt.

... read more

Win2012 - Storage Spaces: Rebuild == Gone? 

28 Jan 2013 Categories: Windows Server 2012

No - but it sure looks like it, so don't panic.

... read more

Why are AV Receivers so Dumb? 

26 Jan 2013 Categories: Corporate Stupidity

AV Receivers are stuck in the late 90's. We've had Windows 7 and 8, Gnome 3, OSX - and yet AV receivers are STILL using crappy UIs and limit functionality in arbitrary ways.

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Windows 2012 - Unidentified Network at Boot 

11 Jan 2013 Categories: Windows Server 2012
This is a quick and easy fix. If, like many admins, you configure your server with a redundant network connection (colloquially a "team"); and if you have configured even servers to have a firewall (even if only for the Public zone); and if you... read more

SCVMM - Add Update Server error 24057 

05 Jan 2013 Categories: SCVMM
I figured I should try to get the upgrade from SCVMM 2012 SP1 Beta to SP1 release completed over the holidays. Part of the update required a rebuild of the database (and thus reassociating all agents, recreating fabrics etc). When it came time to... read more

IIS7 and IIS8 - Pretty Directory Listings 

16 Oct 2012 Categories: IIS
I had a need to put together a directory browser, and IIS7 and 8 provide the old standard looking listing (I think it's been the same since IIS 3 on NT). I looked around and found Mike Volodarsky had written an HTTP module for ASP.Net to do... read more

TMG Authentication Delegation - Which do I choose? 

06 Jul 2012 Categories: Forefront TMG ISA Server Security

For the last few weeks I've been chasing a performance problem with web publishing on Forefront TMG. The cause was most surprising.

... read more
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