Allegorica 1 - fix my mail

No customers were harmed during the making of this story.

Customer: I don't want to receive all these notifications, how do I configure your product to send alerts to staff member X?

Me: You can change the delivery address in your login profile [link to detailed instructions].

Customer: Now he's getting everything. How do I make it send just one kind of alert to him.

Me: Do you run Outlook all the time?

Customer: yes.

Me: Change your profile back so you get all the emails and then create an email rule to forward mail with this [identifying string] to the email address where you want them to be sent.

Customer: It only works when my Outlook is running, that's no good. You need to fix your product so it can do this.

Me: You told me you run Outlook all the time.

Customer: Yes but sometimes my notebook isn't running, obviously-

Me: You and I seem to have very different ideas on what "all" means. Moving right along, your mail server can also do this.

Customer: Okay how?

Me: It depends on your mail provider. You should direct mail service questions to your mail service provider.

Customer: Who is my mail provider?

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