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  • How to prevent Windows 10 driver updates

    Start the Group Policy Editor. If you don't know how to do that you probably shouldn't fiddle with it.

    Computer Configuration Administrative Templates Windows Components Windows Update … more

  • EF Core scaffolding

    Tags: EF Core

    There's no EDMX designer support for EF Core. Code first is possible but why would you doodle about like that when the database almost certainly already exists, and even if it doesn't SQL Management … more

  • MCU continuity glitch

    In Thor: The Dark World, we learn that Odin's father Bor led the armies of Asgard to defeat the Frost Giants in Norway because it was his dominion as part of the Nine Realms. Then in Thor: Ragnarok … more

  • Spring 2017

       Two years ago my grapefruit tree produced two fruit that looked very appetising but were almost solid rind. Some quality time with Bing revealed two important factoids:

    Super thick rind is a … more

  • WebPack HMR with Edge

    Tags: WebPack, hot module reload, HMR, Aurelia

    To get WebPack hot module reload to work with Edge you need a polyfill.

    Add it to your project:

    npm i event-source-polyfill

    Then add it to your vendor.config.js file at the end of the vendor array. … more

  • Allegorica 1 - fix my mail

    No customers were harmed during the making of this story.

    Customer: I don't want to receive all these notifications, how do I configure your product to send alerts to staff member X?

    Me: You … more

  • domain\username from SID

    This is a powershell script. The SID is embedded in the script rather than supplied as a parameter because you'll want a real editor to enter something that long and fiddly, and if you make a mistake … more

  • AppPoolIdentity and SQL Server

    Tags: MSSQL, permissions, app pool, IIS

    You've published your website and it can't talk to your database because it's not you any more, it's now running as the AppPoolIdentity. You could set it to run as you but that's far too much … more

  • Base64 to Blob

    Tags: Typescript, blob, base64, Aurelia

    This is based on someone else's code but I've lost the link. If you recognise your work leave a comment. It's here because I converted it to Typescript for convenient inclusion in Aurelia projects.

      … more

  • Conspiracy theory of the week

    Tags: Government Stupidity, conspiracy

    Australia's National Broadband Network has always been an embarrassing joke. Fifty billion dollars to provide 25Mbit/sec if you're lucky. Once upon a time it was going to fibre to the premises. Now … more

  • Object readiness design pattern


    Wait on asynchronous activity started by the constructor or another method of an object.


    Objects mutate. Sometimes this mutation begins during construction and continues after an … more