Up with plant food and down with fruit flies

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If you look at photos in earlier posts, what I thought to be a lime or a lemon has turned out to be a mandarine. It had yellowish-green foliage that wasn't corrected by superphosphate. Next I tried chook poo compost, and new growth looks like this.

Much better. It has also had another go at fruiting, a very good sign.

The tree nearest the water tank hasn't thrown its fruit, and they are beginning to ripen.

Meanwhile, the mango tree goes from strength to strength. It also received a dose of chook poo, and since we installed the fruit fly traps we haven't lost a single mango to fruit fly.

Now we just have to fend off a thieving possum.

Further up the hill are our peach trees. Every year they set hundreds of fruit and every year the whole crop has been destroyed by fruit fly. But the baits are so effective that for the first time there is a high chance of actually getting a crop next season. It's also possible that the peach trees could do with some fertiliser (they'll need it if all that fruit develops) so I will see to this too. 

The river garden has also had some landscape love.

The framing will support a chicken wire trellis for a flowering climber, just planted above the rocks to the right of the stairs.

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