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  • Grafana - Solar Power Stats

    Tags: Grafana, Influx, Solar Power

    I've had solar power for a couple of years now. The package included a Fronius inverter and a stack of panels; and while I made sure the the Fronius came with the WiFi adapter and at least some … more

  • Custom Protocol Handler

    Tags: Windows

    Have you ever wanted to define a link on a webpage to open a specific, different browser? Perhaps you have a corporate application that only supports Firefox (or Chrome) but your main application set … more

  • Fractal Define R5 - Compensated Review

    Well, it’s the New Year. Seemingly endless feasting on mince tarts, ham, chicken and plum pudding is done and dusted, and the Christmas cake is disappearing like the relatives when you ask them to … more

  • Rescan all disks in a cluster

    If you're adding storage to an existing cluster, you've probably found yourself logging onto each node and running diskpart to rescan volumes. You may even have had a dozen RDP sessions open, one per … more

  • Win2012 - Storage Spaces: Rebuild == Gone?

    Tags: Windows Server

    No, don't fret - it just LOOKS like they're not there any more. By default Windows Server sets any storage space drives to manual attachment mode rather than auto-attach mode. To fix it we need … more

  • Why are AV Receivers so Dumb?

    Tags: Corporate Stupidity

    Pre-emptive Note: If you're a manufacturer, and you want to use this idea (or it inspires you to do something better) - you have full and free reign to use this idea. Go forth and improve things! … more

  • Windows 2012 - Unidentified Network at Boot

    Tags: Windows Server

    This is a quick and easy fix. If, like many admins, you configure your server with a redundant network connection (colloquially a "team"); and if you have configured even servers to have a firewall ( … more