The pace of release has slowed while we take a detour and build tools for managing localisation. Any time anything changes in the UI or the documentation, all of the translations have to be revisited for all of the target languages. This isn't something we can do ourselves, it's all volunteer work, and often there's a new change before all the translations are in for the last one. 

To speed things along you have to manage all the strings and keep track of which translations are up to which revision. The people doing it aren't paid, so we have to make sure it doesn't become a burden for them. Tools do exist, but the really good ones are shockingly expensive and designed to fit into a bureaucracy with a cadence measured in years. So we decided to build something for the little bloke, and of course it's a golf problem (easy to do but very hard to do well).

Bug fixes were piling up, so we give you...


  • Support for walkthrough
  • Fix #181 use editor font when printing source code (broken by refactoring)
  • Feature #182 file explorer context-menu print now supports multiselection
  • Fix #183 unexpected commas