Jumbo File Transfer

Knowledge workers need to exchange files with counterparts in other organisations. At the same time, your organisation also needs to maintain control over its security and intellectual property. It needs to know who gave what to whom and when, coming and going.

FTP can certainly move big files around, but it needs IT to allow it through the firewall. If you want it secured, you have to manage identity for third parties – not just creating accounts, but making sure they have the right set of limited permissions on your network. Providing network access to third parties requires approval – so you need a whole business process to support it. And it doesn’t end there. Sooner or later you have to de-commission these accounts, which means you need another business process to manage and keep track of third party identity life-cycle.

Cloud solutions like Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive and DropBox solve some of these problems. They work through standard firewalls, and they can handle very large files. Where they fall short is their lack an audit trail and a way for your organisation to manage the identities with whom files are exchanged. Paid versions of these services address some of these questions, but not all of them, and they remain fundamentally outside of your control.

JFT is a cloud-ready solution you can choose to run entirely in-house – where you can own it and control every aspect of its behaviour.